Deliver for Our Taxpayers

The Trump tax plan caps the combination of property tax, sales tax, and state and local income deduction at $10,000 increasing the burden on our already overburdened New York State taxpayers

Senator Klein will fight to create a state deduction to allow New Yorkers to deduct any state and local taxes that exceed the federal cap of $10,000 from their state income taxes.


Deliver for Our Seniors

Increasing burdens of property taxes combined with the rising cost of living expenses for seniors and disabled individuals has made it difficult for our elderly and vulnerable neighbors to live in New York State.

Senator Klein will fight to increase the senior and disabled homeowner exemption programs income threshold to $85,000.


Deliver for Our Children

Early education has long-term impacts on academic success, and success in both the workforce and life. Without dedicated statewide Pre-K funding, our children do not have equal opportunities to succeed.

Senator Klein will fight for an expansion of 4-year old Pre-k throughout New York State and an investment by the state in 3-year old Pre-K programs in New York City.


Deliver for Our Students

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) provides financial assistance to over 330,000 young adults each year to go to college in New York. However, some of our students are denied access due to their immigration status, and others are priced out as TAP awards have not kept up with increases in tuition.

Senator Klein will fight to reform the TAP program by expanding the income eligibility of the program, enact the DREAM act, and increase TAP award amounts to keep up with growing tuition costs.


Deliver for Our Tenants

Seniors and disabled tenants continue to see their rents rise and need help making ends meet. The SCRIE/DRIE program can help by freezing rents for our tenants that are the most burdened, but the current program will not freeze rents if it is a preferential rent.

Senator Klein will fight for SCRIE and DRIE amendments to ensure that rents are always frozen at the level an eligible tenant was paying when they applied, regardless of whether it is a preferential rent or the legal regulated rent.


Deliver for Our Communities

Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments we make, with quality of life and safety as guiding factors in where we choose to raise our families. Overzealous developers, abandoned properties and crime all impact the decision to buy or sell our homes, and impede our neighborhoods and neighbors from thriving.

Senator Klein will fight banks that fail to maintain abandoned properties, stand up to overdevelopment and ensure that we provide the necessary resources for businesses and law enforcement to stop auto theft and maintain the quality of life of our communities


Deliver for Our Safety

Gun violence on the streets and in schools continues to plague our region and nation. While the NY SAFE ACT has provided New York State with the toughest gun violence prevention laws in the country, more can be done to keep guns out of the hands of children and the mentally ill.

Senator Klein will build on his successful passage of the NY SAFE ACT and fight to enact safe storage laws, extend the background-check waiting period for purchasing a gun and allow extreme risk protection orders.


Deliver for Our Voters

New York State has many problems with its elections system including complicated registration deadlines, disenfranchising voters, strict absentee ballot rules, and inconsistent voting times across the state. This leads to low turnout in our local, state and national elections and prevents us from getting the representation we deserve.

Senator Klein will fight for voter reform and ensure that we pass no excuse absentee ballots, pre- registration of 16 and 17 year olds, early voting and automatic voter registration.


Deliver for Our Reproductive Rights

The Trump-Pence administration has waged war on women’s reproductive health by placing regulatory barriers on women’s access to contraception. The rights and equality of every woman in our lives is a stake when the federal government seeks to control her family planning choices.

Senator Klein will continue to fight for the passage of the Comprehensive Contraceptive Care Act and the codification of Roe v Wade in New York State.


Deliver for Our Health

Medical debt and excessive costs continue to burden working families, undermining their efforts to make ends meet and save for the future. When New Yorkers make medical decisions based on access and affordability, rather than the care they actually need, we put their lives and livelihood at risk.

Senator Klein will continue to support the New York Health Act and fight for a single payer healthcare system that allows medical decisions to be made between the patient and the doctor, not the bank and the insurance company.


Deliver for Our Underrepresented

Jails and prisons continue to be filled with those among us who have the least resources and opportunities to succeed. When one of our neighbors has a family member, or is themselves in trouble with the law, bail costs keep them in detention, leading to building more jails and prohibiting the possibility of intervention at the time when we know it’s needed most.

Senator Klein will build on his successful passage of Raise the Age and fight to end to cash bail for those accused of nonviolent crimes.